Nik Collection for Photoshop is now available

Now it’s called the DxO Nik Collection, and you can buy it for Photoshop, Lightroom et al here:

(If you act quickly, it’s $50)

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June events!

There are two ImageMakers events coming up in June.

The first is the annual ImageMakers birthday picnic at Point Lobos on June 10th, as always. That’s a Sunday this year, so plan on getting there early if you want a parking place. It will be at the usual place, the Bird Island Trail picnic area at the south end of the road. The picnic starts about 11, but some of us will be there earlier taking pictures. The ImageMakers will supply sandwiches and birthday cake. If you’d like to bring a dish to share, that would be terrific.

The second event is the second Photo Challenge at the June meeting on the 19th. The theme this time is “Refuge”. If you’d like to participate, bring a recent (since the last challenge in March) photo that expresses the concept of refuge. We will view and discuss them at the beginning of the meeting.

And last, in case you haven’t been to a meeting in a while, meetings now start at 6 instead of 6:15.

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NIK Lives!

The NIK collection, killed off by Google, has been resurrected,  both in it’s previous form, and as integrated into new software.

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Cara has some B&W magazines to give away

Cara sends this:

Is there a way I can put it out to the image makers if anyone wants my years of Black and White magazines?  I have them from the beginning of time until about three years ago.

Doing a purge of stuff in my house and studio.”
Contact Cara directly. Her info, like all of ours, is in the roster.
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Tracy’s solo show at the Triton announced

Tracy has a three month long solo show coming up at The Triton Museum of Art, in Santa Clara, California, running from Feb 10 to May 13, 2018. You are cordially invited to drop by at any time.

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Affinity photo for iPad

Yep: you can get it for $20 before June 19, 2017 on the app store:


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Google officially abandons Nik

We all knew this was coming, but Google finally officially abandoned the Nik Collection.

Here an article with some common-sense advice:


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Not sure how many of you folks know about this site, but it’s certainly worth visiting, and signing up for. It will tell you if your email address(es) have been made public, and what info was released in the hack.

Somewhile back, I signed up for their email notifications (free) and yesterday got one. This time the hack included passwords. Then I spent 4 hours pouring thru 467 1Password accounts from 2007 -2008 that I had (foolishly) used the same, simple password on. Fortunately, most are harmless forums or some such, but I did find about 40 which went to accounts with stores. I had to visit each one, and change my password.

THIS time, I’m taking full advantage of 1Password’s unique password generator for each site. At least I won’t have to go thru all this again.

Now I’m off to check that list a second time, and likely make more changes.

What a way to spend the day…



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Video Editing software bargain


Most of our cameras include video recording these days, and not all of us use expensive editing suites. However, I just ran across this a few minutes ago, and with the coupon for 50% off (use: VLMACINTOUCH ) it’s an incredible deal ($15). Deal expires March 19, 2017.

Frankly, even at $30 it looks like a bargain.

I have purchased it, but not tested it yet, but it looked too good, and the time is too short, to let it pass without spreading the word.

Of course, YMMV…

Here’s the link:

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Time to deliver your image for the CPA show

For those of you in the show at the CPA: Your image is due there in the next three days (Feb 15 – 19 are the delivery dates.)

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