one week left to send in your image for the catalog

If you’re in the CPA show, and have not yet sent your JPG for the book..

Please make and upload a jpg of your selected image for the exhibition’s catalog.

The specifics required for submission to the exhibition catalog, as stated by the CPA:

7″ long side @ 300PPI – SRGB color space (2100 pixels)
Include: artist name, title, date, medium, sales price. Dimensions are not necessary.
All images MUST be titled – no untitled.
And all caption data will be printed >as submitted< so have everyone PROOF READ their info.

Please get these catalog images and label info to me no later than January 13th, 2017.

Email them to Tracy, or upload them to the website at  the location listed in the previous several emails.

Three emails; three postings here. You have no excuse.

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