Your responsibilities when entering shows


When you enter a show, a contest, or something that requires multiple images, you will almost always be asked to put your name in the file title. Then it’s usually also the image name, and/or a number.

We recently had 45 people enter over 250 images for a forthcoming show. The criteria was name and a number between 1 & 6 to uniquely identify each image.

Selections were made and each person’s chosen image was announced, by number.

It’s a simple system, and generally works well. But for it to work, whether you’ve entered “just” an¬†ImageMakers show, or “The International Color Awards” you, as the entrant, absolutely MUST DO one thing: keep track of what you entered!

If a curator comes back to you saying “Great work, send us image # 4” and you have no idea what image number 4 is, exactly whose fault is that? If you sent in 6 named and numbered¬†images, it’s up to YOU to track them, not the contest organizers. If you don’t, then at best someone might take pity on you and search thru their records and find your image and send you a copy, but with “the big boys” you’ll likely just be kicked out for a very amateur mistake.

A word to the wise, as they say, (from someone who has spent -way too many- hours today looking up other people’s entries!)

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