The upcoming CPA show selections

Dear ImageMakers

The ImageMakers Steering Committee, along with Brian Taylor and Rick Murai, (in their capacities with the CPA) have made the following selections from your submissions for the forthcoming ImageMakers show at the CPA.

The show runs from Feb 25 – April 2, 2017.

Please use a traditional frame, not larger than 24″ on any size, and plexiglass glazing (NOT glass!) is required. Gallery wrapped canvas is acceptable without a frame or glazing.

The final finished product must be 24″ or smaller on the longest side. The CPA reserves the right to disqualify any final image whose print quality does not match what we judged.

Images must be ready to hang. Delivery date has not been specified yet, but I would assume NOT EARLIER than 10 days before the show, and delivered between Feb 15 – 23.

Additional information, if any, will be found on our blog, as will this email.

I will try to answer any questions, but the final determination will lie in the hands of the Directors of the CPA, not me.

I can say this up front: no – you may not substitute another image.

ONE LAST THING – the exhibition catalog.

Please  make and upload a jpg of your selected image for the exhibition’s catalog.

The specifics required for submission  to the exhibition catalog, as stated by the CPA:

7″ long side @ 300PPI – SRGB color space (2100 pixels)
Include: artist name, title, date, medium, sales price. Dimensions are not necessary.
All images MUST be titled – no untitled.
And all caption data will be printed >as submitted< so have everyone PROOF READ their info.

Please get these catalog images and label info to me no later than January 13th, 2017.

Thanks to one and all for participating. Having seen all these images several times now, I can say with certainty that our 2017 show will be really interesting.



Tracy Valleau,
on behalf of the ImageMakers and the Center for Photographic Art



The selections___________________________________________

aiu 2 – gypsy stallion
anselmo 1
becom 1
BIhlenfeld 2
bthomas 1 – flowers
CCouchman 6
chester 2 – Eagle hunter’s daughter
connors 4
crary 2
CWeston 6
DGubernick 2
dixie 1
Efujii 6
franco 1
hazeltine 1
hembree 5
hunter 2
J. Messer 3
jacqui turner 6
kasson 4
kauffman 5
lmacchia 1
loveless 1
lovell 6
Lundblad 4
marino 3
mcasanave 4
moore 4
mPrince 6
murai 2
mwainer 6
neilsen 5
nswanson 2
parker 1
parkman 6 – lighthouse
rcannon 1
robinson 3
sHillyard 2
TomSchleich 3
tvalleau 5
wasserbach 6
weeks 1
wei chang 2

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