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Hi Folks

For some time now, the ImageMakers Steering Committee has considered ways to reach out to the community, and to help continue the traditions of fine art photography.

To this end, we have encouraged young and/or beginning photographers to join our group. Some of us have individually tutored, or volunteered our time at various events.

Our monthly group is full now, and many of us have little spare time, much as we might wish otherwise.

But, there may be a solution.

A couple of days ago, I founded an online discussion group for fine art photographers, designed to allow free-flowing conversations between old-hands and new-comers, across and among those two.

It took me about an hour for the light to come one, and to realize that this could be under the banner of ImageMakers, and provide us a painless way to achieve our social-outreach goals.

And there it is: the ImageMakers Fine Art Photography Discussion Group. (With the blessing of your Steering Committee, of course.)

With this site, those of us who have been doing this a while can converse on topics we enjoy, and also provide whatever help the budding photographers might want. The youngsters can chat themselves, or tell us what old fuddy-duddy’s we are.

In short – it’s a place to chat, learn, and share ideas in a free-form fashion. Unlike “a forum”, there are no pre-defined categories and no membership requirements (although one does need to sign up, with a name and password of their own choosing.)

Moderation will be only necessary to keep out the viagra sales pitches, and anyone who begins behaving badly.

It’s open to anyone, and it’s free. There is no commitment of time or cash, nor are you asked to show up except by your own choice and schedule.

What I’m hoping to do is first “stock it” with ImageMakers members before publicizing it to the public. Please join whether you want to help newcomers, or are only there to chat with fellow ImageMakers.

I’d like to suggest that your “sig” include the word “ImageMaker” so that newbies can distinguish you as an “oldie” – a more experienced member. (Note to new photographer/members of ImageMakers: please be careful not to overstate your experience.)

Particularly, I’d like more experienced ImageMakers who are willing to drop by now and then, and provide advice and help to the less experienced.

I’d appreciate one or two who are committed enough to act as moderators, so that this doesn’t all fall on me. (Moderators do almost nothing except kick off the spammers and remind folks to “be gentle.”)

Members can get a daily or weekly email summary of the posts made during that period. If you’re a glutton for punishment, you can get them emailed to you as each post happens, or if you fall on the other end of the spectrum, you can get no emails at all, and only see what’s happening when you visit the site.

It’s been my experience with such groups that they are interesting and fun. You will make friends, learn new stuff, and help others who have questions… and all without leaving the house.

Please visit the site, and sign up, and join ImageMakers on this new venture.

The site is at:

Thanks for your time and interest. Email me with questions.


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