News for April and the meeting of the 19th.

We had our Steering Committee meeting tonight (4/13) and here are the things you should know.

First, April 19th is the 20th anniversary of the founding of ImageMakers !  Brett Thomas is our most senior member, having been here, along with Dick Garrod, from day one.

In other news:

1) The next meeting, Tuesday, the 19th of April, is our annual print swap. If you want to participate, please bring a matted image for a random exchange with another ImageMaker.

2) We are pleased to welcome Cara Weston, Dida Kutz, Edit Franco, Roger Lundblad, and Tom Jacobs to our ranks. These are the last new members for a while, since our ranks are full now. As attrition or circumstances allow, others will be accepted in the future. When Tracy has them all added to the roster, he’ll send out a copy of it to each of you. Additionally, Wei Chang, one of ImageMakers first members has returned to active participation. Welcome back!

3) June 10th (a Friday) is our annual multiple birthday party at Point Lobos. As usual, the day belongs to Jack Wasserbach and Dick Garrod (who likely will not attend this year), but we are also celebrating the 20th anniversary of ImageMakers, and the nearby birthdays of Brian Taylor, Fernando Batista and Steve Mortensen

4) We now accept PayPal (credit cards) for ImageMakers dues and events. There is a button for those of you who would like to contribute additional support, either on a monthly basis ($5, $10 or whatever you feel is right, each month, automatically) or to make a one-time contribution, if you prefer. We’re pretty much out of money at the end of each year, until dues are paid again, so this would certainly help. Thanks to those who have used it already !  🙂

5) Field trip. San Juan Bautista, Casa de Fruta and San Luis Reservoir. Jack will pass around a sign-up sheet for the first Saturday in June. (June 4th).

To keep up with the latest ImageMakers  news, please return to this page every now and then.  Thank you.

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