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Imagemakers does NOT forward email to our members. The issue is that we have gotten up to a dozen requests per month to send this, that, or the other worthy, wonderful, meaningful, purposeful, world-changing, artistically-masterful event that comes with “Please forward this to all your members!!!”


I did that for a while, and got lots of angry emails back, demanding to be removed from the emails list, because of being deluged with email; because they thought it was spam. Or folks asked to be on the “ImageMakers only” list, and that I keep a separate email list for “others.”

If you are an ImageMakers member, you have everyone’s email address yourself. It comes in the roster. If it’s so important that all members need to see it (in your opinion) send it out yourself. 

If it’s an ImageMakers event, or member’s event, I’ll post it on the blog.

I try to limit what I send out to dues; gatherings and our own shows. I’m keeping the email to a minimum to keep everyone happy, and on the list so you don’t miss actually important news.

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Thank you

Tracy Valleau

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