Reminder about paying for the Xmas dinner

Reminder: One week from tomorrow is the deadline for making your payment if you want to go to the IM Christmas party. A week may seem a long way away, but tempus fugit.   I’ve noticed as I get older that it fugits a lot faster than it used to.




Annual Christmas Party with guest speaker Ted Orland (Ted Talks)


Bayonet-Black Horse Golf Course

Full course holiday meal with turkey, ham & all the fixins’

Cash Bar

Music provided by Rick Forschino

Sunday, December 11th at 4 pm

Cost $37 per person  ($38 if using PayPal)

You are welcome to bring a paid guest


You can pay thru our website, click on members, click on money page ($38)

Or: Send a check made out to Jack Wasserbach, 213 Naples Road, Seaside 93955 ($37)

Payment must be made by December 5th.


Your responsibilities when entering shows


When you enter a show, a contest, or something that requires multiple images, you will almost always be asked to put your name in the file title. Then it’s usually also the image name, and/or a number.

We recently had 45 people enter over 250 images for a forthcoming show. The criteria was name and a number between 1 & 6 to uniquely identify each image.

Selections were made and each person’s chosen image was announced, by number.

It’s a simple system, and generally works well. But for it to work, whether you’ve entered “just” an ImageMakers show, or “The International Color Awards” you, as the entrant, absolutely MUST DO one thing: keep track of what you entered!

If a curator comes back to you saying “Great work, send us image # 4” and you have no idea what image number 4 is, exactly whose fault is that? If you sent in 6 named and numbered images, it’s up to YOU to track them, not the contest organizers. If you don’t, then at best someone might take pity on you and search thru their records and find your image and send you a copy, but with “the big boys” you’ll likely just be kicked out for a very amateur mistake.

A word to the wise, as they say, (from someone who has spent -way too many- hours today looking up other people’s entries!)

The upcoming CPA show selections

Dear ImageMakers

The ImageMakers Steering Committee, along with Brian Taylor and Rick Murai, (in their capacities with the CPA) have made the following selections from your submissions for the forthcoming ImageMakers show at the CPA.

The show runs from Feb 25 – April 2, 2017.

Please use a traditional frame, not larger than 24″ on any size, and plexiglass glazing (NOT glass!) is required. Gallery wrapped canvas is acceptable without a frame or glazing.

The final finished product must be 24″ or smaller on the longest side. The CPA reserves the right to disqualify any final image whose print quality does not match what we judged.

Images must be ready to hang. Delivery date has not been specified yet, but I would assume NOT EARLIER than 10 days before the show, and delivered between Feb 15 – 23.

Additional information, if any, will be found on our blog, as will this email.

I will try to answer any questions, but the final determination will lie in the hands of the Directors of the CPA, not me.

I can say this up front: no – you may not substitute another image.

ONE LAST THING – the exhibition catalog.

Please  make and upload a jpg of your selected image for the exhibition’s catalog.

The specifics required for submission  to the exhibition catalog, as stated by the CPA:

7″ long side @ 300PPI – SRGB color space (2100 pixels)
Include: artist name, title, date, medium, sales price. Dimensions are not necessary.
All images MUST be titled – no untitled.
And all caption data will be printed >as submitted< so have everyone PROOF READ their info.

Please get these catalog images and label info to me no later than January 13th, 2017.

Thanks to one and all for participating. Having seen all these images several times now, I can say with certainty that our 2017 show will be really interesting.



Tracy Valleau,
on behalf of the ImageMakers and the Center for Photographic Art



The selections___________________________________________

aiu 2 – gypsy stallion
anselmo 1
becom 1
BIhlenfeld 2
bthomas 1 – flowers
CCouchman 6
chester 2 – Eagle hunter’s daughter
connors 4
crary 2
CWeston 6
DGubernick 2
dixie 1
Efujii 6
franco 1
hazeltine 1
hembree 5
hunter 2
J. Messer 3
jacqui turner 6
kasson 4
kauffman 5
lmacchia 1
loveless 1
lovell 6
Lundblad 4
marino 3
mcasanave 4
moore 4
mPrince 6
murai 2
mwainer 6
neilsen 5
nswanson 2
parker 1
parkman 6 – lighthouse
rcannon 1
robinson 3
sHillyard 2
TomSchleich 3
tvalleau 5
wasserbach 6
weeks 1
wei chang 2

Bob Sadler show coming up

Please join me (Bob Sadler)  and local quilt artists, Regina Liske at a champagne reception to celebrate the opening of new exhibits, “Transcendence”  and “Verticle Eight” on December 2, 2016 between 5 pm and 7pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Monterey Peninsula at 490 Aguajito Rd, Carmel  

 “Vertical Eight” consists of eight quilts by the well known artist, Regina Liske.

 The photography exhibit, “Transcendence” consists of 12 pieces that highlight iconic Monterey Bay flora and fauna.  Each piece, hung as a banner, is 6 ft high and printed on poplin.   I’ve shown some of the early photographs at ImageMakers’ meetings.  Several IM members have given me some great coaching.  These are the final products. The pieces were commissioned by the church to highlight the principles and sources of the Unitarian Universalist faith.  They are meant to enhance worship and other gatherings in the church’s new sanctuary. Prints will be available for sale.