The February 2017 CPA show submission guidelines

The following email was sent out  to all participants in the show on August 31, 2016.

This is how you will submit your images for consideration for the CPA show.


Thank you for agreeing to participate in the Feb 25 – April 2, 2017 show at The Center for Photographic Art.

(If you have changed your mind about showing, please let us know immediately.)

As noted before, you should submit 6 images for review. Your steering committee, along with Brian Taylor and Rick Murai of the CPA, will select one of your images for inclusion in the show.

All images MUST be submitted for review by midnight, September 30, 2016. If you fail to submit between now and the end of September, you will NOT BE IN THE SHOW. No excuses. No exceptions for any reason whatsoever.


Your submissions for consideration must be jpg files. To present the best images for review, we suggest that they be 1200 pixels on the longest side, and if you know how to do it, set to the sRGB color space. (If that confuses you, try this link for how-to instructions: ).

ONLY photographs will be allowed. No paintings, drawings etc.

There is no theme to the show, other than “my best work” – which your submissions must exemplify.

Images must be named as your first initial and last name and a number between 1 and 6. (ie LTolstoy1, LTolstoy2 and so on.)

We’d prefer that you put all your images in a folder with your name (LTolstoy), and then compress the folder (zip it) for uploading, but if that boggles your mind, then submitting images individually will work as well. (You can enter all 6 images with drag and drop to the web page, before you hit the upload button.)

You may submit your images online, here:

(redacted: please check your email for this actual post, or send an email to Tracy to request the upload URL.)

After the selection has been made, you will be notified which one of your images was chosen, and the details about framing and submitting for the actual exhibit will be sent at that time.

That said, and so you’ll know what you’re getting in to, here’s an overview:  Photographs only. Gallery wrapped canvas is acceptable without a frame or glazing, otherwise it’s a traditional frame, not wider than 30″, and plexiglass glazing (NOT glass!) is required.

More details will come in your acceptance letter, as noted.

Thank you again for participating.

Your steering committee

 OH.. here’s a PS. The CPA will print a catalog of the exhibit. We’d be interested in knowing if you’d want one.


ImageMakers members at PGAC – Sept 2 – Oct 27

IM members, Mary Aiu, Susan Hillyard, Oliver Klink, and Robin V. Robinson are featured in “Wildlife Beyond Borders,” a photography exhibition that shows animals in their natural state. Some images in the exhibit are enabled with a technology called “Augmented Reality.” When the viewer points their smart device at an image, behind the scene stories created by the artist start playing. The viewer gets to know the artist and discover what it takes to be a fine art and wildlife photographer. The show at the Pacific Grove Art Center runs September 2nd – October 27th, with the opening reception on September 2nd, 7-9pm.

Screen Shot 2016 08 24 at 2 10 41 PM

Imagemakers show, Feb, 2017 at the CPA. If interested, contact us before 8/25.


ImageMakers is scheduled to have a show at the Center for Photographic Art in February, 2017, a mere 5 months from now. There is room for 45 images. Images -must- be framed the traditional black 1/2 – 3/4″ frame, and matted with -white- board. Gallery-wrap canvas is also acceptable. 

Glazing must be plexiglass; no glass allowed. ONLY photographs will be allowed. No paintings etc.  Submissions must come from active, paid-up member of ImageMakers. The quality of your print must at least equal your submitted image. If the print is inferior, it will be rejected. 

 Please contact Jim Kasson if you want to be in the show.  You MUST contact him before August 25th. Failure to do that will make you ineligible for the show.


(NOTE: Jim will be unavailable between now and then, so don’t expect a reply to your email.)


The show will be curated by your steering committee, along with ImageMakers members Rick Murai and Brian Taylor. You may submit up to 6 images electronically, as jpg files, for review. Only one will be selected. An online submission page will be provided for your uploaded images.

 There is no theme to the show, other than perhaps “my best work” – which your submissions must exemplify.

 The purpose of THIS posting is to gauge interest, and let us come up with a list of people submitting. DO NOT SEND IMAGES NOW. 

Thank you.


The ImageMakers Steering Committee