Will Furman is offering us a show

To All Imagemakers:


You Are Invited to Enter a Photo Show That Is Exclusively for Imagemakers!


The Details Follow:


Imagemakers Photo Show


There Will Be an Imagemakers Photo Show at Carmel Valley Manor August 8 – October 1, 2016. Submissions for the Show Are Encouraged From All Imagemakers. the Details Are Shown Below:


Theme: “Water, Wind & Fire”


Show Location: Carmel Valley Manor


Show Supervisor: Will Furman

Show Duration: August 8 – September 30


Deliver Images August 4 – 7


Image Specifications:


· Matted, Unframed


· Maximum Width 30″


· Color or B&W


· Must Be Member of Imagemakers


· Images Will Be for Sale

Application and Review:


· Submission Deadline for Review: July 8, 2016


· Submit to: Willfurman@comcast.net With Mat and Image Size


· Admission Specifications:


Image Name


Image Size (Height First)


Mat Size (Height First)


Image Title


Other Image Information




O Print Only


O Matted (Framed)


O Framed

No email forwarding

From Tracy:

Back in December, this blog pointed out that I will only email members at the direct request of the ImageMakers Steering Committee. No matter how worthy, urgent, interesting or important your missive may be, each and every ImageMakers member has a list of all our email addresses, and if it’s so important, you can send it out yourself.

Requests for me to forward email will go straight to my trash, without even the courtesy of a reply. It is simply rude to ask me to do what you can do just as well yourself.

If you find this state of affairs unsatisfactory, please consider volunteering to handle such email requests yourself. I’ll be –delighted– to let the membership know you have taken over.

The way to stay up to date on ImageMakers happenings is to visit this blog.

(You may contact me about roster errors, or to have something posted to the blog.)

Thank you.