A place to show and perhaps sell your images



From Chester Ng:


Greeting Imagemakers,
I have arranged a “permanent” place for us to show our images at Mundos Cafe, 170 Webster St (down the street from the Monterey Post Office and across from Ocean Sushi – parking is available in the back).
Here’s how the whole thing works.
I took the time to think this through, so please take the time to read this carefully if you’re going to participate.
  •  This will be an ongoing, perpetual exhibit that rotates every 6 weeks starting on a Sunday and ending on a Saturday.  We’re going to start off with the following schedule, but it is subject to change.
   –   Sun, Oct 11th – Sat, Nov 21st
   –   Sun, Nov 22nd – Sat, Jan 2nd, 2016
   –   Sun, Jan 3rd – Sat, Feb 13th
   –   Sun, Feb 14th – Sat, Mar 26th
   –   Sun, Mar 27th – Sat, May 7th   (ImageMakers Group Show)
   –   Sun, May 8th – Sat, Jun 18th
   –   Sun, Jun 19th – Sat, Jul 30th
   –   Sun, Jul 31st – Sat, Sep 10th
   –   Sun, Sep 11th – Sat, Oct 22nd
   –   Sun, Oct 23rd – Sat, Dec 3rd   (ImageMakers Group Show)
  •  Tracy Valleau and I have installed 13 permanent hooks on Mundos’ walls.  Artwork can only hang on these hooks.  You cannot move them, remove them, modify them or add to them.  The owner, Fernando Mundo, does not want a lot of holes in his walls even if we offer to patch and paint.  Period.

Wall hangers

RSF0955 1
•  The thought behind this exhibit is to accommodate up to 3 concurrent artists in a show.  This will give each artist 4 hooks to work with.  The first person to reserve for that time slot gets the right to that extra hook.  Four pieces seems to be a manageable number for most people in terms of expense and image availability.  Artists are always free to negotiate among themselves to decide how they want to divvy up the 13 hooks.  Maybe somebody only wants to show 1 photo and leave the remaining 12 hooks for the other two.  Any configuration is possible.  The Owner would like to see artwork on all of the hooks.  I will not arbitrate.
  •  If you want to exhibit, you have to reserve a slot by E-MAIL ONLY.  Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis through Chester Ng (stylishpix@yahoo.com).  First come, first serve also means you get your choice of wall space and that extra hook.  Make sure you get an e-mail confirmation from me in case your request ends up in my spam bucket.  Once we get up and running, the schedule and artists showing will be posted on the IM blog ( http://www.imagemakers.gallery/blog/ ) and Gin’s blog ( http://bit.ly/1KTbkWV ) so you can see what slots are taken or are still available.  If there is contention for showing, those who have not recently shown in the last 12 months will be given preference.  So, if you’re showing for a second time in the last 12 months, you can be bumped even if you’ve made a reservation.  The idea here is to give everyone a fair chance to show.  If you’ve made a reservation and you have to back out, please let me know ASAP so I can find a substitute.
  •  The hooks were laid out with 18″ x 24″ frames in mind.  A maximum FRAME width of 24″ per hook is recommended and will provide visually pleasing spacing between each piece.  You can also use two hooks to display a single wide panorama.  Vertical pieces should be kept to a 30″ maximum FRAME height so it doesn’t infringe on the diner’s eating space.  All (but one) of the hooks were installed at 72″ from the floor.  One of the hooks is placed right at the entrance way to the restrooms and another is placed on the blue concrete wall in the back.  The one by the restroom is ideal for an image with a vertical orientation.  The one on the blue concrete wall is ideal for a wide horizontal panorama.  The hooks were installed directly into wood or with plastic anchors into sheet rock.
RSF0964 1
RSF0970 1
  •  A solo show is available to any IM member who pays $100 to the IM general fund for this opportunity.  You need to prepay Brett Thomas before making the request for a solo show.
  •  There will be two IM Group Shows a year.  The IM Group Show can only accommodate 13 artists on a first come, first serve basis.  So reserve now!  I would like to extend one show to Padre Trails and another show to Independent Photographers down the road (dates TBD).
  •  Only paid-up IM members can participate.  Padre Trails and Independent Photographers participation will be managed according to their own rules.
  •  Shows are Open Themed, subject to Owner’s rules (no nudity or anything that can be perceived as offensive to the Owner or negatively distract from the dining experience in any way).  Multiple artists showing can collaborate freely among themselves if they want to do a themed show.
  •  Artwork will NOT be insured by the Owner.  Exhibiting artists assumes all risks and must deal independently and directly with the Owner in the event of a dispute.  You must sign an agreement with the owner before you can display your artwork each time you exhibit.  Sign two copies– one for the owner and one for yourself.  Click here for the agreement.
  •  This is intended to be a self-curating show with minimal overhead involvement therefore exhibiting artists are responsible for installing and uninstalling their own artwork in a timely manner.  Please install and uninstall at 10am BEFORE the lunch crowd arrives on the first and last days you are exhibiting.  The cafe is open 7 days a week.  Installation is simple.  Just hang, adjust height if necessary and then level.  Probably takes less than 15 minutes to hang and put up labels and even less to uninstall.  Exhibiting artists are responsible for their own PR.  I only handle reservations, scheduling and limited information dissemination.

  •  Small transparent labels ( http://amzn.to/1JO6NBh ) with low tack adhesives are permitted providing it does not damage nor mar the surface of the walls.
  •  Mundos takes NO sales commission, therefore labels should include title, price, and contact information so interested buyers can contact the artist directly.
  •  Artwork should be finished and ready to hang.  No glass and no sawtooth hooks (only sturdy hanging wire).  The hangers on the wall (see attached) can be adjusted vertically by 3/4 inch.  You need to set the hanging gap on your framed images at 3-1/2 inches (see attached).  If you can see the hook after you’ve hung your picture, then you have not set the proper distance.

Hanging gap

•  Artists who wants to have an opening reception need to discuss specifics and logistics directly with the Owner.  Since this is a restaurant, you cannot bring outside food and beverage into an opening reception without approval from the Owner, which is unlikely.  This exhibit appealed to the Owner because it meant additional traffic from the show could potentially generate new incremental food sales.
  •  Artists must abide by Mundos’ rules.  Mundos have the last word.  If the Owner is dissatisfied by our presence for any reason, we will have to terminate this exhibit arrangement.
  •  The square frames you see in the attached photos are 20″ x 20″ and the rectangular ones are 18″ x 24″.  This will give you a visual idea of the available spacing.  Or simply stop by and check it out in person.
  •  In summary, here’s what you need to do if you want to exhibit.
     –  Send me an e-mail stating exhibit dates you want to reserve.
     –  Make sure you get an e-mail confirmation from me.
     –  Verify that the posted schedule on the IM blog reflects your participation correctly.
     –  Mat and frame your selected images.
     –  Work with the other artists in the show to determine who gets which hooks.  First come, first serve takes precedence.
     –  Ensure your hanging gap is set at 3-1/2“.  Put bumpers on the back of the frame so as not to mar the walls.
     –  Print out your labels.
     –  Print, fill out and sign 2 copies of the agreement.  Best to print duplex on both sides of the same sheet.
     –  Bring artwork, labels and agreements at 10am on the first day (Sunday) of your exhibit.  You might also want to bring a level.
     –  Get Fernando Mundo’s signature on both copies of the agreement.  You get a copy, he gets a copy.  This agreement must be done each time you exhibit as it specifies the starting and ending exhibit dates.  The thought behind this was to confine any risks to a specific exhibit so the agreement was not left open-ended.
     –  Hang and level your artwork.  Slap on the labels.
     –  Work with the Owner directly if you want to do an opening reception.
     –  Take down your artwork on the last day of the exhibit (Saturday) so the next rotation can put theirs up on the next day.  Be sure to bring in your paperwork so Fernando knows who’s walking off with the artwork.
Looking forward to your participation.